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Preventing dry curls this winter season

A few weeks ago I shared my top tips for a dry scalp. This week I am sharing with you my top tips if your curls are feeling a bit drier than normal. It is totally normal for your curls to sometimes feel different depending on the season and winter is often a time that curls can feel drier and possibly a little bit fluffier. Personally I do love a bit of fluffy curls or curls with functional frizz, it helps create volume. However, I totally appreciate that some people prefer much more defined curls or curls with only a little bit of functional frizz. So if your curls are feeling drier this season then read on for my top tips to keep your curls happy, bouncy, soft and moisturised this winter season. The best bit it is, these tips are so easy and simple that is just involve a small tweak to your current routine.

  1. If your curls are feeling drier than normal and you regularly use the BY SELINA shampoo, try adding in a pump of the conditioner in with the shampoo in your hand before applying to your curls (or mix in a bowl beforehand is usually easier😊). This will create a slightly more moisturising shampoo. Alternatively, if you are an avid co-washer and need a little bit more cleaning power to your co-wash, add in a pump of shampoo for a few bubbles.
  2. Add an extra pump of conditioner than you would normally use when detangling your curls. I have very thick curls and generally use 3 – 4 pumps of the Curl Cleanser & Conditioner to detangle my curls. However, now that it is colder and the heating is on, I am adding in an extra pump of two when detangling my curls. Be sure to really squeeze the conditioner into each strand to help push those conditioning ingredients into the hair strand so they can really get to work with conditioning your curls.
  3. Add in a few handfuls of water after detangling and squeeze or scrunch that water and conditioner. This really does help hydrate your curls and can make the difference between a great wash day and an average wash day.
  4. Once your have detangled your curls and squished or scrunched in your conditioner and/or water clip your hair up and let that conditioner work into your hair for 3 – 5 minutes before rinsing. Just like the step above, this really can make the difference between a great wash day and an average wash day.
  5. When rinsing always fully rinse the conditioner from the root area but depending on your hair type you make benefit from leaving some conditioner in.
  6. Once you are out of the shower add your stylers to either soaking wet or damp hair. This will help seal in the hydration and give your curls beautiful shine.
  7. Make sure you are using a t-shirt type material on your curls when you get out the shower. This will ensure your curls stay hydrated and the water is not completely pulled out of your hair. T-shirt material is also a lot smoother and does not ruffle the hair cuticle. This helps your cuticle lay flat, sealing in moisture and hydration and keeps your curls looking shiny instead of dry.
  8. If you diffuse, avoid the temptation at this time of year to turn up the heat to dry your curls quicker, keep that setting low and cool.
  9. Remember, protect your curls at night. A buff or satin/silk pillowcase will make such a difference to your curls, cotton pillowcases tend to pull out a lot of moisture from your curls and make them drier. If you use a satin or silk pillowcase not only will your curls thank-you but your skin too.