4 easy plastic free bathroom swaps

Before starting BY SELINA, I was aware of plastic pollution but when it came to choosing plastic free alternatives for in and around the home it would often seem pretty overwhelming and I wouldn’t know where to start. However, over the last couple years I have slowly been making changes and swapping out plastic items for plastic free bathroom alternatives. I have really loved making the plastic free changes and swapping to plastic free bathroom alternatives so I thought I would share a few of my plastic free bathroom swaps here with you today.

Selina’s plastic free bathroom curl care routine

Of course, for my curl care I use the BY SELINA range 😊. Before starting BY SELINA, finding products that actually worked for my curly hair was really hard work, let alone trying to find sustainable curly hair options. When I started BY SELINA, my initial aim was to create great quality products that worked for curly hair. That meant, a conditioner that didn’t require handfuls of product for detangling, products that were silicone free, products that didn’t dry out my curls or make my head itch uncontrollably and finally, products that gave my curls shine, movement and bounce. Once I had the formulation created, my attention turned to packaging. This where I decided to opt for aluminium bottles instead of plastic. Unlike plastic and plant-based plastics, aluminium can be recycled indefinitely making it an obvious choice for the BY SELINA range. Not only that, the bottles look really classy and beautiful too with their minimalistic design. I feel so much happier now knowing that my curly hair products are environmentally friendly and are not contributing to plastic waste. You can shop the BY SELINA range here www.byselina.co.uk.



Plastic free skin care accessories

Moving from curl care to skin care, one of my favourite swaps has to be my reusable make-up remover pads. They are so soft, they don’t come in plastic bags and can be used time and time again. I honestly absolutely love my re-usable make-up pads, so if there is one change you want to make, switch to reusable make-up remover pads (you can purchase reusable make-up remover pads from small independent businesses on Etsy). Another product I also love is re-usable face cloths/flannels, after cleansing my face I always use a warm cloth to wipe over my face to ensure I have removed all of the product from my skin. Face cloths like reusable make-up remover pads can be used multiple times and are a lot more sustainable than disposable wipes.

Plastic free period swaps

Another switch that I absolutely love but was a huge investment at the time is period pants. Depending on which brand you go for they can be quite expensive but for me they are one of the best investments I have made. I have tried a couple brands and by far the best I have found is ModiBodi (www.modibodi.co.uk). Period pants are a big investment so I started off with just a couple before buying more. Remember, going plastic free isn’t about being perfect, its making small changes where and when you can.

Plastic free handwash

Finally, handwash, when it comes to handwash a really simple way to reduce plastic waste is to switch to a soap bar. These are usually cheaper and of course don’t come in plastic bottles.

I hope these plastic free bathroom swaps offer some inspiration on ways to go plastic free in the bathroom and don’t make it too overwhelming. As I said previously, it isn’t about being perfect but making small changes where we can. Each small change really does make a difference.

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