Creating sustainable curly hair products

Ethos & Sustainability

Ethos & inclusion are important areas to us here at BY SELINA, they underpin everything we do. First and foremost, BY SELINA is about creating great quality curly hair products that actually work! As someone who has been a curly all my life, I know first-hand how hard it can be to find curly hair products that work. That is why the BY SELINA products are created with curl loving ingredients that don’t weight down your curls and products that contain active ingredients to ensure your curls are left nourished and shining.  When curls have been cared for with BY SELINA, you really can see the results.

Natural ingredients
Curl friendly
Scientifically formulated
Cruelty free
no sulphates, silicones or parabens
Made in the uk
All curls, waves & coils are beautiful

Inclusion and diversity at BY SELINA

When it comes to inclusion, I am always striving to make BY SELINA an inclusive and diverse place. So often we have been told by mainstream media that curls are unruly, need to be tamed or straightened to within an inch of their life to be seen as “professional”, so that we can “fit-in” and “not stand out”. Here at BY SELINA I feel extremely passionate about breaking these ridiculous connotations that curly hair has been given. That is why you will never see me describe the BY SELINA products as being designed to tame our curly hair.

BY SELINA products are designed to show curls off to their full potential and embrace that wild, free nature and unique beauty of all curl types, whether they are curls, coils or waves. With the right love and blend of BY SELINA products, curls can be bouncy, shining and full of life. BY SELINA products are designed to make your curls be that head of hair that walks into a room, and no-one forgets. I always try to show a diverse range of curls on all of the BY SELINA platforms, show casing that there is no one beautiful type of curl, but that all curls, waves and coils are beautiful. 

zero waste curly hair products

Sustainable haircare

Sustainability is a huge part of BY SELINA. All our products are packaged in aluminium which is indefinitely recyclable and labelled with rock paper labels too. Rock paper labels are made using waste rock from the rock mining industry, meaning zero reliance on trees. Furthermore, no acids or bleaches are used in the manufacturing process of rock paper labels. It is estimated that if rock paper labels were used instead of regular labels there would be 99% reduction in water usage, 62% reduction in CO2 and of course, 100% reduced reliance on trees. Rock paper labels do contain 20% plastic as they need to be waterproof for in-shower use. The plastic however is recyclable and can be recycled in your home recycling. 

Where possible the BY SELINA formulations strive to use organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are chosen because they are more potent than their non-organic counterparts. In addition to potency, organic farms also help support biodiversity. Organic farms have on average around 50% more wildlife than non-organic farms.


More wildlife on organic farms


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