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Formulated with plenty of slip for easy detangling, but lightweight enough to not weigh your curls down. The Curl Cleanser & Conditioner will become yours and your curls new best friend! Use as a conditioner after shampoo or a curly co wash.
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Sustainably created curl care for beautiful, effortless curls, waves and coils.

For curly, coily and wavy hair

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The BY SELINA  sustainable curly collection is lovingly formulated by Selina and a small team of expert scientists. At the heart of BY SELINA is great quality curly products crafted with science, sustainability & simplicity in mind. 


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This shampoo is the most soothing for my scalp and uplifting for my wellbeing. The fragrance is my favourite; I always feel so much better after using this. I’m going to keep coming back for more! The service By Selina is top notch.


Plastic Free Curly Girl method

The curly girl method can be completely plastic free thanks to By Selina Products. I have invested in all of the products and my hair has never been happier and curlier.

As a small business Selina adds a LOVELY personal touch to her deliveries, and the release of the defining curl gel has been a revelation for my curly wurly world.

I cannot recommend her products and plastic free ethos enough, and if you have curly or wavy hair and a conscience- her products are for you!

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All of the BY SELINA formulations are created using the finest vegan ingredients. The entire BY SELINA collection is pH balanced, ensuring your cuticle lays down flat giving your curls amazing shine. Our specially designed curly products are highly concentrated and packed with nourishing, beneficial active ingredients that seek out and bind to damaged strands of hair helping your curls to stay strong and healthy. 


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